3-D Printed Wyolum e-ink badge holder cases

I recently posted about e-ink event badge that Wyolum has created for the Open Hardware Summit. VERY COOL! Nice job Wyolum!

Front of e-ink "e-badge" from Wyolum:

Back of Wyolum's e-ink "e-badge":

The bare PCB will go over very well at that specific conference, given that it is about talking about hardware, and people will want to see the design layout, etc. :) However, I decided to take a stab at creating a 3-D printed case for it ... you know for post conference possibilities with it.

I checked wyolum's git repo, but didn't see any Gerber files for board layout, so I took some measurements off Jimmie's 1st run production board he got from Wyolum to try to mock something up in SolidWorks.

Here's what I have thus far without testing with the physical badge.

First, I traced and draw out (as best I could) the parts of the e-ink e-badge.



Then I scanned the drawings and imported into Solidworks to use to trace out the geometry of the part.


Here's some of the work in SolidWorks:


Here is the export of the part in MeshLab (as .STL):


I still need to think about accessibility, line up holes, and create the back plate to it that molds to form an enclosure around the badge, but it's a start to a possible case.

There's also the fact that the PCB acts as an arduino shield ... so I need to take that into consideration when designing the back plate ... I didn't wanna wreck Jimmie's board without him sufficiently playing with it (yet). :)

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