Wyolum e-ink Plastic Badge Holder, 3-D Printed test

A while ago, I got a in person demo of Wyolum's e-ink "e-badge" they created from Jimmie, which is scheduled to be deployed at this year's Open Source Hardware Summit (i.e. "OSHS") at MIT in Cambridge.

As a follow up some rough sketching and 3-D modeling in SolidWorks last week, I decided to test print some early design pieces to see if I was missing anything in the fitting. I was. However, printing a quick prototype in PLA saved me a lot of time and money finding this out earlier, before committing to ABS. The kiCad files I was using didn't take into account the protrusion of the microSD card, or the 4 pin cable.

Here are some photos from the fitting process:




Right now, zip ties are used to sandwich the unit, but I plan on making a full enclosure shortly which snaps together. I plan to refine the design over the next few weeks and put it up someplace where people can download, and print it. *Maybe* thing-i-verse, but perhaps somewhere else.

I plan to hack on the electronics next. There are a lot of neat inputs and outputs on the device, ranging from the custom power pads to the fact that the badge is actually shield ... plus the Real Time clock, and other goodies I'm forgetting right now.

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