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Wyolum e-ink Plastic Badge Holder, 3-D Printed test

A while ago, I got a in person demo of Wyolum's e-ink "e-badge" they created from Jimmie, which is scheduled to be deployed at this year's Open Source Hardware Summit (i.e. "OSHS") at MIT in Cambridge.

As a follow up some rough sketching and 3-D modeling in SolidWorks last week Read more »

HSMWorks class at Artisan's Asylum

Recently on Fridays, I'm taking a HSMWorks class at Artisan's Asylum. HSWWorks is a plugin to SolidWorks that allows for making CAM and in this case, CNC mill operations, very easy on certain large, complex, machines.

Over the past few months, there's been significant work getting the MultiCam up and running. A lot of it by Douglas Ruuska, who now is; for all intensive purposes, the instructor and point person for the software and machine. Read more »