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Solder Iron Tip Cleaner Magnetic Mount

I do a fair amount of soldering at my lab, but something always annoys me ... My solder iron cable always gets in my way and knocks things over, especially when I’m cleaning the tip and there is a lot of electronics clutter from my project(s).

Last week I decided to spend 15 minutes fixing the last problem. Here is the hack. Read more »

Cheap'o CD-ROM holder LED light diffuser

This past Monday night, I came across a CRUFT pile accumulating from an undisclosed member at Artisan's Asylum.

What's CRUFT you ask? Short Story ... CRUFT is essentially stuff (typically old/junk electronics) someone doesn't want. A Cruft hack is the operation of taking said "junk" and turning it into something else, or demonstrating an idea or testing an experiment. Read more »