First impressions with SAIKOLED's myki

UPDATE: SAIKOLED has launched their myki and gathering funds to support it. (3/20/2013)

As many reading my blog will know, I'm an early adopter to many device and product platforms. What can I say? I'm a gadget geek. :)

What is the myki? It's a hackable, arduino based, high intensity, interactive LED device and platform for artists, musicians, scientists, and tinkerers. It's got WiFi, IR control support, microphone, and millions color range through its single, high intensity, 10 watt LED.

I was at a CEMI jam a few weekends ago and part of it was a SAIKOLED myki hackathon. Daniel Taub was there along with his cohert Brian Neltner to show off the myki and its capabilities.

myki at the LED Madness event sponsored by CEMI

During the jam, I had a chance to play around with the myki in it's earliest stages. Very impressive in terms of light play. I think it's 10 watts, and the color range is enough to blow your mind.

It didn't take long to get to downloading some source from their repo and pushing it to the myki to test some of it's capabilities. I was mainly just pushing arduino changes from the repo source to see how the light reacted and understand how I might be able to leverage it in the future.

Here are the hardware specifics.

Programming a SAIKLOD myki

Programming a myki prototype from SAIKOLED

They brought some prototypes and a custom constructed multi-dimensional myki panel array (below).

3x4 myki LED array at the LED Madness event

I had this old acrylic puzzle piece that a former Artisan. I throw it on the myki to see the result. These are some of snaps, I took. Very interesting. Daniel had been doing 3-D prints on the myki, so this is a variation.

Here is the acrylic in one state.
SAIKOLED myki with acrylic puzzle on top

In another state ...
SAIKOLED myki with acrylic puzzle on top

Another ...
SAIKOLED myki with acrylic puzzle on top

Yup ...
SAIKOLED myki with Acrylic puzzle on top

Pretty sweet.
SAIKOLED myki with acrylic puzzle on top

I tried experimenting with some steuben prism glass I had. I got some interesting results. I've got a few proposals to the SAIKOLED art project going on, and at least one deals with prism glass and high intensity LED.

Prism Experiment #1:
SAIKOLED myki with prism glass

Prism Experiment #2:
SAIKOLED myki with prism glass

Prism Experiment #3:
SAIKOLED myki with prism glass

Prism Experiment #4:
SAIKOLED myki with prism glass

Prism Experiment #5:
SAIKOLED myki with prism glass

So it looks like today, Dan and Brian launched their SaikoLED myki venture.

At around $79, this is an interesting price point to have a packaged device some folks can just plug in and start using, rather than building from scratch. It's got Wi-Fi, IR, microphone, and I believe DMX support built in. It's also 10 watts and can do millions of colors, no sweat.

I will be posting videos shortly on this blog of my experiments, but the pics above are mainly teasers for now. Check out some of the other videos that have been posted over the last couple years.

I recommend checking out myki if you're into high intensity, beautiful, LED products. :)

Look for further experiments with the myki in the near future.

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